Flavio Acuña: Punta Cana’s Magic Healing Hands

Flavio Acuña is one of the few Acupressure specialists (used commonly in traditional Chinese medicine) in the Dominican Republic, needless to say in Punta Cana. This ancient treatment is based on the principles of Acupuncture, unlike it lacks any danger for people and requires no extended expertise. The only working tools are the fingers used by therapists using only pressure and micro-massage.

The massage using selected Acupressure points can be very effective for both prevention and treatment of many health problems, including headaches, nuisance, general aches, common colds, Arthritis, women’sOsteoarthritis, alergies, Asthma, Stress, feminine menstrual cramps, sinus problems, the so named ‘Tennis Elbow’, nervous strains, Sciatica, dizziness, muscle fatigue, general fatigue, insomnia, and other illness.

One of the most demanded Acuña’s treatments are muscle and bone Physiotherapy: his magic hands take care of sprains, tendinitis, dislocations, tendon ruptures, grips, muscle tear, and so on…common in this sport-oriented community.

Another exotic Acuña’s treatments are Moxabustion (using  tropical roots), Aromatherapy, China essences, Reflexology, Geotherapy (with a 50+ natural ingredients from Dominican mountains) and general traditional Physiotherapy.

Acuña is offering now a redecorated beauty parlor, near of his consulting villa in Los Corales, with the very first facility for children’s hair cutting  in Punta Cana, including beauticians, special furniture and the like. Also, he is consulting in Puntacana Village on Thurdays.

Published on: Dominican Gateway 

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