Punta Cana’s Most Romantic Excursion: Massage Under the Moon

Everyday life is hectic and busy, it’s hard to slow down and take time for self-care, not to mention intentionally making time to connect with your partner. Sometimes Netflix and chill is about as  romantic as it gets.

But on your Punta Cana vacation it’s time to step it up a notch. We’re not talking about a wine filled meal at your all-inclusive. Really, step it up, and kindle that fire with a romantic couple’s massage under the moon.  

5 Reasons this is Punta Cana’s Most Romantic Excursion: 

1. Romantic Caribbean Setting 

Research reveals that the environment that surrounds us can have real effects on our physical being. What you see, feel, hear, and are experiencing affects your mood, but also your nervous, endocrine, and immune system. Beautiful environments help ease stress and anxiety.

This means that a moonlight beachfront setting is not only beautiful but literally relaxes your body. As your blood pressure and heart rate drop, you become calmer and more open to enjoy the company of your partner in a peaceful setting. Listen to the waves, feel the tranquility, and connect with your loved one.

2. Sets the Mood

Not only does a massage feel great on your muscles, it has great mood enhancing abilities as well. All the warm fuzzy feelings you feel when you’re in love and want to be close to someone are caused by oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, hormones released through massage. Sharing this experience with someone you love, really sets the mood for connection, intimacy, and bliss. Exactly what a romantic excursion out in Punta Cana should be about.

3. Aphrodisiac Effects

An aphrodisiac is defined as a substance that stimulate sexual desire. While this is usually reserved for food and drinks, like the famous Dominican Mamajuana. Massage has great aphrodisiac qualities. Through your massage, the hormones that lead to a desire for intimacy are activated. You’re in a beautiful place and with the person you love, could you think of a better recipe for, ahem…romance.  

4. Self Care 

They say the best way to serve others is to fill your cup first. In relationships the only way to give is if you feel taken care of first. The beauty in a couple’s massage is that while you get to bond as a couple, you message is also about your own personal experience. Express to your therapist what you like, what you need and while your partner can do the same.

5. Moonlight Magic 

Since the beginning of time, people have believed that the moon has mystical powers. We know the moon is powerful enough to move all the water in the seas, so who are we to disagree. Whether you believe in the magic of the moon or not, we do believe that there is magic in making a conscious effort to strip down bare and really connect. Magic happens when you nurture yourself and your relationship.

If you’re in Punta Cana and looking for a romantic excursion,  contact us . We’ll show you the healing power of massage under the magic of the moonlight.