How to Have the Best Punta Cana Beach Massage

A Punta Cana beach massage is the cherry on top of what is sure to be a great vacation experience in the Dominican Republic. What could go wrong when you combine the relaxing affects of massage and a beautiful white sand beach.

We take relaxation very serious around here, and make sure that we have all the right components in order. Beach palapas, set up with comfortable massage tables, professional masseuses, sweet almond cream oil and an ocean view.

With a setting this beautiful all you really have to do is show up – but… we have managed to get some extra tips to make sure you get the most out of your massage.

Arrive to the Spa Early

First things first – so much harder to calm the nerves and get into  zen mode when you’re late!  The Spa is located in  Los Corales, a  small community and easy to navigate, but nonetheless you’ll want to make sure to give yourself enough time to get there.

Once you’ve arrived, you don’t want to have to just relax on command. Most people need to ease  their way into feeling comfortable and relaxed.  So on massage day, make sure to add a little time cushion, so you can start this process before you even get on the table.

On the day of your Punta Cana beach massage, start your experience by taking a calming walk through our botanical garden. We want you to literally stop and smell the flowers.

Our casa es su casa, so  take a relaxing shower, get into a cozy white robe and just chill.

Choose the right Body Treatment

While you may have heard of deep tissue massage or a relaxing massage?  Our therapist are trained in other body therapies that might be great if you have some specific needs. Try a  if Massage with Seashells you like a little heat and want to try something new. If you want to improve your circulation or want a little help with weight loss efforts you can try a  Lymphatic Drainage massage . Get to the spa early you can talk to your therapist and see what kind of massage is best for you.

Cut the Chit Chat and Focus on Your Breathing –

We are social beings, and spend so much time getting to know new people – but your relaxing beach massage is not one of these times!

This is such a great opportunity to turn off your mind, relax and enjoy a massage in beautiful Caribbean scenery – no need to make small talk.

Instead of talking about the weather, focus on your breathing and let the massage become a sort of meditation for both you and your masseuse.

Let Your Masseuse Know What you Need

We know, we just told you not to talk – but this kind of communication is important. Your masseuse is trained and has lots of experience, but only you know what you need and where.

Need a little more pressure? A little less? Want some real focus on your upper back – our therapists are good, but they’re still working on their psychic abilities – so you’ll have to communicate what you need.

Let it all soak in

After your massage, make sure you take a moment to really take in what a great experience you’ve had.  Take some time on the beach, or come back to the garden and have some traditional Dominican Herbal tea. There’s no rush.

Do make sure to drink lots of water to help flush out any toxins that may have been released during your massage,

We know that you are in for a great experience, and with these small tips your Punta Cana beach massage will have you on cloud 9 soon enough.