Medicinal plants

Medicinal Plants

Flavio Acuña, through his grandfather, began learning his knowledge of medicinal plants at the young age of 2 years . At age 5 he unknowingly started using tobacco and mud to relieve different types of problems. It was at this point that he was captivated by the therapeutic benefits of Mother Nature.
He had the great fortune of meeting different teachers who contributed and taught him the art of natural healing.

For several years  he has been producing a detoxifying tonic made from 68 medicinal herbs.

In the Dominican Republic there are more than 13,000 medicinal plants. Flavio goes to Mogote-a mountain 2,800 meters high located in Jarabacoa that runs through the hills- in search of these plants. He uses the stems, leaves, and roots. The water used for boiling these plants is from natural cascades. After harvesting these plants they are mixed and cooked in 5 hearths heated by flame 14 to 16 hours a day for 4 to 5 days. It is very important that this tonic remain refrigerated. After spending 72 hours outside the refrigerator the tonic no longer has its benificial functions. You can get it in our center.

This detoxifying tonic is taken by customers all around the world.


  • Detoxification of blood

  • Detoxification of the body

  • Prevents the formation of crystals with a unique acid

  • Works against fluid retention in the body

  • Helps eliminate constipation and digestive problems

  • Relieves stomach pains caused by poor diet

  • Excellent for psoriasis


Medicinal Plants