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Body treatments

Body treatments are essentially focused to rejuvenate your body living your skin feeling velvety smooth and soft.
We have a different body treatment that is givin you a good results like Reduction Massage, Lymphatic Drenage and Anti-Cellulite massage.

We only use products, line Repechage, 100% Natural in exfoliation with Honey /Cranberry treatment. Also we use products made by seaweed for ”European Seaweed & Sea Spa Glow” treatment.

Body, Mind, Soul

Chinese Traditional Medicine

Originated in ancient China, this is an ancient medicine which has endured and evolved throughout history.

Treatments and therapies like Acupuncture, Acupressure, Physiotherapy, Geotherapy, Moxabustion, Chinese suction cup, have proven to be a medicine that is non-invasive, preventive and integral of the body, mind, and soul.

When an energy imbalance arises in the body, that is where most of our health problems begin manifesting themselves. These treatments help unlock the energy points allowing the energy flow to once again achieve harmony of the body.

Natural Healing

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine is an alternative or complementary therapy that is based on the natural healing powers of the organism, restoring the energy balance.
Mother Nature

Medicinal Plants

Flavio Acuña, through his grandfather, began learning his knowledge of medicinal plants at the young age of 2 years. At 5 years old, he unknowingly started using tobacco and mud to relieve different types of problems. It was at this point that he was captivated by the therapeutic benefits of Mother Nature.

For several years he has been producing a detoxifying tonic made from 66 medicinal herbs.

Skin Health

Facial Treatments

Facials help keep the skin clean and healthy. During facial treatments we are cleansing, exfoliating and activating the circulation nourishing the skin, returning the shine, elasticity and tone to the face.
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“A wonderful experience ”

I've been going to Flavio's spa regularly for three years now and my experience has always been nothing but spectacular. The staff are friendly and well trained. Flavio has also helped me through some back and stomach pains. He is a miracle worker! I would recommend a visit to anyone visiting the area who wants to relax. Adela and Rocio...

“VERY Effective”

My wife has had a bad back problem for 8 years. The problems migrated down her left leg and has caused much discomfort and pain. Numerous surgeries and doctor visits have produced little relief. We have a friend who lives here and has sent other people to Flavio with spectacular results. We decided to give it a try. We thought...

“Life Changing Experience w/Amadeu”

I had the incredible opportunity to work with one of the best massage/physiotherapy/energy healers at Flávio Acuna spa Natural Center. As I was enjoying my amazing vacation in bávaro punta cana, I suffered a terrible knee injury and one of the local establishment owners recommended that I see Amadeu, and in his opinion he would be the first person I...

“Massage Therapy”

Flavio is the best when I need to be repaired. When I need to relax with fixing tensions. I ask for Rocio. She is excellent. I have received treatment from hundreds of therapist. She is one of the best. You will not be disappointed. Magical hands. Also very pretty and professional. Very well trained therapists here. A true oasis of...

“Very nice massage:)”

We have got two times a very relaxing massage in Flavio Acuna Spa Natural centre. Thank you very much for Michael, Rocio and another lady and gentleman (I'm sorry but I don't remember names). Highly recommended.

“Best massage ever”

I had to stop getting massages a long time ago because of a joint condition but when I saw the reviews for this place I thought I'd see what they could do. I was given the choice of having my massage inside the centre, in the garden or on the beach and went for the garden option. I was a...


Amazing massage! Sr. Flavio works wonders. I went in there with knee and back problems and he fixed both of them. I had choice wether to have a massage on the beach, in the garden or in a air conditioned room. All 3 looked amazing!

“So good we went twice in 4 days!”

Expect a well balanced massage for your request. Our booking was somehow cancelled 2 hours beforehand but we managed to rectify the situation with minimum fuss.

“Amadeu Albi wad the best masseuse I have had to date!”

After a scheduling error, I booked online and choose 10am, but was booked for 2pm, they fit my mom and I in at 11. I have has years on neck, head and upper back problems. Amadeu didn't not speak English, so I just went with it. He seemed to have a very good read on my body. And, as an...

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